Trusting His Promise

Juan Paolo Ypol (leftmost) is a 29 year-old Financial Consultant. He also serves in the warmth ministry and attends SYNC every Sunday.

Taking Leaps of Faith
I started attending The Feast in early 2014. My girlfriend invited me as she wanted a breather from our usual dates. We would usually attend the 8AM session but since we always arrived late, we decided to join the 9AM Sync instead. Sync provided a “homey” ambiance since it was not as crowded as the 8AM session. We became regular attendees and later on joined the Sync family.

Early 2016, my life was doing wonderful. I had great relationships with my loved ones, I was at the peak of my corporate career, and my small businesses were prospering. Despite these wins, I had a burning desire within to shift to a different industry. Few months later, I mustered the courage to take a leap of faith and changed careers from a safe corporate job to the sales industry.

With no experience, my worst fears from my career shift came true. I struggled financially. My personal businesses got bankrupt, and our small family business were in crisis as well. To top it all, my mother got sick. All my savings went down the drain.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, Philippians 4:13
This was the promise I held on during my rock-bottom moment. I was attending Sync before as part of my weekly routine, but during these tough times it became my lifeline. The teachings and reassurances I received from the talks guided me on how I could get by with the crisis I was in. Every worship became more meaningful, and I felt Sync’s tagline - I am home.

I attended the Lovelife Retreat Batch 23 last May, and it revamped my relationship with God big time. I learned the importance of tithing and service, and I met wonderful new friends who now serve as my support system. Before attending the Lovelife Retreat, it was just me and my girlfriend. Now, I look forward to every Sunday to join my spiritual family where I serve as part of the Warmth Ministry. This is my way of giving back to God in my own little way.

In just a year, God has restored everything that was taken away from me. My mother is as healthy as ever, my career skyrocketed from where it was before, and our businesses are operating again.

You can never outrun His grace. When everything seems like it’s falling apart, that’s when God is putting things in their rightful place.

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