Seeking The Light In My Darkness

Donnabelle Bata-Aquino recounts how God rescued her from her depression to a life of service for Him.

It was my daughter’s first-year birthday when my husband died from a respiratory failure. I became depressed as a result and started asking the Lord why this had to happen. I only dreamt of a happy life with my family but now that my husband left us, to whom do I turn? My heart became full of anger and bitterness.

Months later, God somehow answered my questions when I came across a Bible message pasted on the street wall. It says, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”- God” from Hebrews 13:5. I heard Him whisper this to my ears.

I realized I must make things work for my daughter. I seek God’s help during my prayer time and was led to a book by Bo Sanchez when I visited my local bookstore. The book is called “How to turn your Passion into Profit” which gave me the idea how to monetize my passion since childhood into a potential business.

Growing in Momentum
Growing up, I was enamored with my dream to become a makeup artist. After my husband’s death, I enrolled myself at a cosmetology school in Singapore to specialize in bridal makeups. 2014 saw the birth of my business. Donna B. started as a small studio in Bulacan. From providing makeup services for weddings, debuts and fashion shows, I began selling makeup kits, vanity mirrors, and other ranges of brushes and care kits a year later.

Fast forward to 2017, my depression struck me again, and I was clinically diagnosed to take anti-depressant pills. I believe the cause most likely was my depression after my husband’s death and the pressure of being a solo parent raising my daughter while managing my business on the side. My blood sugar and cholesterol spiked up. I rejected makeup gigs and refused to drink my medications.

The Healing Gift God Gave Me
One day I saw Doc Didoy’s Healing Retreat ad in Facebook and since I’m a believer of holistic healing, I joined the retreat. In one of our sessions, he advised me to join a support community. He invited me to join Feast Baliwag or Feast Mall of Asia. He extended the invite for me to join the LoveLife retreat. It took me 6 months before I decided to join the retreat.

Joining the LoveLife Retreat Batch 30 was one of the BEST decisions I made in my life. I experienced the peace my heart is longing for and learned ways how to handle my depression. A week later, my vestibular migraine disappeared. My business received new opportunities. I started allotting time for myself, for my LOJ community and for the Lord.

One of the best gifts I received from Him during the retreat was the gift of tongues which I now use to serve Him as part of the Intercessory Ministry. I also enrolled myself to the Psalms School of prayer at Don Bosco. 

I learnt that God wants us to trust His plans for us despite the many challenges we are encountering. He purifies our faith in Him as we wait for His right timing. I believe God will use your brokenness to heal other’s pains. I know His call for me was to help & support others who are losing their trust in Him through my life testimony.

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