My One True Calling

Zena Magana works as a school guidance counselor. She is part of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Ministry and serves as an interpreter every Sunday.

Ever since my elementary years, I have always been interested in learning sign language. Because of this, in 2014, I decided to take up Filipino Sign Language course in De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde. When I enrolled that year, I was immersed with the Deaf community and had more appreciation of their language, identity, uniqueness, and culture. I admit that it was not easy, but the Deaf whom we studied with, were really patient in teaching us learn signs.

During our last term, my classmates and I joined an event called, “Sing it with Signs”. After the competition, Ms. Naty Natividad, a CSB employee, approached us and invited our group to attend The Feast so that we could enhance our skills. I immediately said ‘yes’ for the sole purpose of developing and practicing my skills in sign language. However, after weeks of attending The Feast, I eventually found myself yearning to deepen my relationship and my faith in God. I found myself being called by God to serve Him. It dawned on me that this is what He has always wanted me to do. Before, I never really understood why I have always been passionate to learn sign language, until God made me realize that He wants to use me to help others, especially the Deaf and hard of hearing, know, understand, appreciate, and love God’s teachings.

After serving with the Deaf Ministry (formerly known as Ephphatha Ministry) for more than two years, an unexpected change happened. The FBA Sync session was moved to the 9:00 am slot from the original 11:30 am. This meant that we will be joining a relatively different crowd, led by Bro Didoy. During our first Sunday with Sync, we thought that it would just be any ordinary Sunday. But it wasn’t. Bro Didoy, together with the servants and the attendees, made us feel really welcomed. As weeks passed by, we started having sincere and deeper connections with the community. We saw their efforts to make each session more “Deaf-friendly”, thus making the members of our ministry feel really loved and accepted.

Attending and serving at the FBA Sync sessions has changed my perspective in life. Spending time with the Deaf and HoH attendees has made me realize that we are all blessed no matter what our condition in life may be. Now, I do my best to imitate the good deeds of Christ in order for others to see Him and to feel His love through me. I want every person I encounter to realize that life is truly worth living, and that it is and will always be beautiful.

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