Little By Little

Anel is a graduate of Lovelife Retreat Batch 23 and actively serves as a photographer under the Communications Ministry.

I first attended the FBA Sync because my girlfriend, Karisa, served there. That time, I felt like it was an extension of Feast Manila where I used to attend and serve because the Builder there was Kuya Migs, better known as Bro. Migs Ramirez.

Slowly but surely, Feast Sync was established, targeting singles and youth as their main audience back then. Then, a little over a year after, Kuya Migs had to leave, and I was not sure what to expect with the transition. Doc Didoy came on-board and became the main builder. He took off from where Kuya Migs left and had fresh ideas of his own.

Instead of just focusing on the young, Sync started to acknowledge that a lot of families were also attending it, and they shouldn’t feel left out. No one must be left behind. That’s one of the greatest teachings that I learned from Doc Didoy. Eventually, I started to feel more at home and feel more loved at Sync.

One of the best things about being part of this family is joining the Lovelife Retreat (LLR). Friends and co-servants have invited me to attend this singles retreat in the past, but I would always say that it was not yet the right time.

The longer I served at Sync, the more I realized the need to join LLR. Not because I was going through any struggle, but because I wanted to deepen my relationship with God and with my loved ones. The retreat helped me acknowledge my weaknesses and made me realize how God wants me to be the best version of myself.

After LLR, I noticed that I was slowly changing to a better Anel. I gained more friends, whom I now consider as my spiritual family. I enjoy my service more because I get to share my interests and knowledge about photography to other servants, and we also get to share with each other our reflections about the talks.

But the biggest change in me is evident at work. I used to be very hard-headed and quite proud in the office. To a point that I was given an ultimatum: shape up or ship out.

With all the lessons I learned and applied in life, I began to pull myself together. Though it’s not a complete 180-degree turn, my work ethics has improved. I am now more focused on my job and take pride in what I do. And this change is happening because of the seeds sown by Sync and LLR.

My Sync family continues to help me grow in my faith and have a deeper and more meaningful relationship with God. Little by little, I am learning to be holy in my own little ways. I look forward to how Kuya Jay (Jesus) will continue to bless me through the preachings of Doc Didoy and my friends here.

I will forever be grateful to God for bringing me to Sync.

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