Hearing God's Word Differently

FBA Sync attendee Arbizel Kristin Gonzales (RB - first row, second from the right) shares her story on how she was blessed as a Deaf attendee every Sunday.

How the Feast changed her life
RB is a solo parent raising her two children. She supports her family financially as a way of giving back to them for all the special care they provided her when she was growing up.

Growing up, she was lucky to be part of a supportive environment, and she never experienced bullying. However, she usually experiences challenge at work. Most of the time, she has difficulty giving instructions to OJTs who are hearing, thus resulting to miscommunication. But God still provides her the help she needs in the form of her co-workers who, luckily, already know sign language.

RB first heard of the Feast when her aunt invited her to attend Feast Bacoor, which is nearest to her home. She enjoyed her experience there but encountered difficulties participating since there are no interpreters available for the Deaf attendees.

Eventually, she was invited by the Ephphatha Ministry (Deaf Ministry) to attend one of the AM sessions at the Feast Bay Area. After some time, their ministry started attending FBA Sync at 9 AM, and here they found a new home. They feel the warm welcome of servants and fellow attendees, and their conscious effort to communicate with the Deaf and to include them in the community. She enjoys the experience of fully understanding the homily and talks because of the interpreters present every Sunday. Then came the time when she felt God gently calling her to step up and to serve at Sync by documenting their ministry’s activities every Sunday.

Giving back to the Lord
She made efforts to introduce God in her workplace by teaching her co-workers basic sign language, and explaining to them that the Sync is a Catholic gathering, contrary to their belief that it is a Protestant gathering.

FBA Sync has blessed her life since she was able to offer her personal problems to the Lord and seek guidance and strength every day. She also invites her Deaf friends to attend Sync, knowing that there are interpreters who help them understand the Word of God. She shares with them how Sync gives priority and extends support to the Deaf and hard of hearing attendees. RB feels that she has been blessed by attending Sync, it is now her turn to share the blessing to her fellow members of the Deaf community by inviting them to a place where they can mingle with the hearing without the fear of being judged at.

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