God Allows

Rico Gonzales, together with his wife Bianca and daughter Sophia. This family’s Sunday wouldn't be complete without attending Sync. And they are clearly enjoying every session!

They fought hard to get married.
It was after the birth of little Sophia when Bianca became an estranged wife. It was during this challenging part of her life that she met Rico. He was actively serving in another charismatic community. As they serve God together, they eventually fell in love, and like any couple, they enjoyed their partnership. However, Bianca’s situation made their marriage a mere dream they might never obtain as a blessing. This went on until they asked God in prayer what their heart longs for. As they prayed for their dream, they acted.

While they are on the process of completing the requirements needed for their marriage, they also discovered and attended The Feast. With prayers and action, every barriers kept getting pushed away – Bianca’s petition for annulment was granted, and their marriage license was cleared. Their prayer to be united as one with God’s blessing came true; their Church wedding pushed through last July 2016.

They had to overcome another trial.
However, the couple had another battle to overcome. Bianca had to give up her career after being diagnosed with Lupus (SLE) last 2013. It was a blessing that she heeded the call to attend Bro. Bo Sanchez’s seminar, “How to Heal Yourself Naturally” this year. There, she met Bro. Didoy Lubaton, whom she now treats as her personal health, spiritual, and life mentor. Both of them attended Sync after Bro Didoy’s invitation. A week later, they joined the LUX Retreat for couples. There they were introduced to Bro Troy and Sis Klara Escartin, who serves as the Sync’s Couples Ministry Heads. After this series of events, things have become clearer for the couple – God calls them to serve at FBA Sync.

They were called to serve.
In that same week, they decided to commit to the SYNC session, God’s blessings started pouring in. Their marriage grew stronger and their faith deepened. Bianca noticed her lupus flares became less frequent, so she decided to get back into her career. She received four job offers all in the same week! “I felt in SYNC with God, my body, mind, spirit, family, and career,” says Bianca as she recalled her experience. While Rico, who has been searching for deeper ways to serve God, found his home at Sync. The couple now serve as active members of Sync Couples Ministry, while their daughter Sophia, actively enjoys attending the Sync Awesome Kids and meeting new friends as well.

Sync family helped and pushed them forward to find and fulfill their purpose, which is to love and serve others through a ministry. Rico added, “We were once broken, then The Feast turned our brokenness to a blessing, and Sync drove our blessings to a Godly purpose.”

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