Finding Peace in Him

Cams Alfaro and her son Biboy used to spend their Sundays by themselves. But now, they have found a new home at Sync where Biboy serves as a greeter for the Warmth Ministry, and with Cams’ batchmates from LLR Batch 21.

The Struggle
Cams is a single mother who grew up without a father. She gave birth to her son Biboy, got stuck in a ten-year relationship cycle with Biboy’s dad, trying to work things out to no avail. Cams ended up being clinically depressed; even her own family did not know how to help her. She hid inside her shell and away from people, fearing that she’ll be judged.

In early 2016, she hit rock bottom. Biboy finally found out that her parents were never really together and he did not take it lightly. He became a difficult and angry child. A few months after, in August, reality hit Cams – her child’s father do not see them as part of his future. This devastated her more, and so she was desperate to find refuge and help.

The Initial Steps
One Saturday, Cams went to the book launching of “The Happy Solo Kit”, a book for single parents. There, she was invited to attend The Feast. She attended Bro Alvin Barcelona’s session with only one clear desire – healing for her and Biboy. After several Sundays of attending The Feast, Cams began to feel much better, and so did Biboy.

In January of 2017, Cams joined the Lovelife Retreat Batch 21. It wasn’t easy for her to just let people in her life, having put walls around her for so long. After the retreat, the mother and son continued to attend the 4 PM session, until one Sunday, they were encouraged by Cams’ batchmates to attend the 9 AM Sync session. The atmosphere at Sync was really different – the crowd was relatively smaller, so people somehow really knew each other. Bro Didoy also welcomed her and Biboy with a big tight hug. The following week, Cams and Biboy went back to attending the 4 PM session. When Bro Didoy saw themk, he recognized Biboy and warmly hugged him. Biboy was elated; he felt so loved and appreciated that he convinced her mom for them to start attending Sync.

The Start of Healing
One of Cams’ batchmates asked if Biboy would want to serve with the Warmth Ministry. Though hesitant at first, Cams gave it a go since Biboy was eager to serve. She saw that her son enjoyed meeting and greeting the attendees every morning. Biboy shared that he would even pray for them to be blessed by the talks. He participated during worship and would even immediately download the songs that he liked.

Before, their world was very small, but now Cams and Biboy found a new family at Sync. Slowly, Cams has started to open up herself to accept all the love that people shower her with. But more than the love that she’s been receiving, what continues to overwhelm her is the love and attention that people give Biboy. Cams realizes that healing has been happening to her and her son. And that’s because they found peace in God. She allowed God to transform her. She’s even more grateful that they’re not just being healed. Biboy, who used to yearn for love and affection, is now surrounded with positive examples and role models. Every day, instead of worrying about their future, Cams is being assured by God that everything will fall into place, all in His perfect time.

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