Your Breaking is Your Blessing

For a decade, I was constantly struggling to have a stable career in a foreign land and to work on my marriage with my husband who verbally abused me. I focused on all these trials only to find out eventually that God has been preparing me for His greater plans all along.

Struggles in a foreign land
In 2008, I moved to Australia with my then-boyfriend to work and to eventually get married without my parents’ consent. Even back then, my relationship with him wasn’t exactly smooth sailing as I expected it to be. But because I loved him and thought that he will change after our marriage, I continued on. In 2010, my parents found out that I was pregnant, and that was the only time when they knew about our marriage.

Working and studying at the same time in Australia was very challenging. Since I was in desperate need for a sponsor so that I could finally have a working visa, I endured working for two employers who both abused me and paid me way less than what legal. And if my daily struggle at work wasn’t enough, my husband barely supported me with my decisions. He constantly degraded and verbally abused me, but instead of fighting back, my focus was to be strong for my child and shield him from the influence of his father. The thought of filing for divorce crossed my mind, but the expenses and the lack of family support to execute what I wanted kept me on check from doing so.

A silver lining – or so I thought
In early 2015, a friend asked me to try out a new job. My training went well and things seemed to go smoothly. Eventually,we had to return to the Philippines as we waited for the result of our visa application. I told myself that finally, things were starting to fall into their right place. But I was wrong.

One day, I noticed my husband’s mobile call log and saw an alarming pattern of calls from a certain “guy”. Curiosity got the best of me given my husband’s history of cheating, so I called the number and heard a woman’s voice on the receiving end. Right then, I made decision that enough is enough. I confronted my ex about this and made him choose – to admit that he was cheating or to leave us for good. Without thinking twice, he blurted out that he would just leave.

I thought I would be devastated and broken when he decided to leave, but to my surprise, I did not even find myself shedding a tear. Instead, all I felt was relief for me and for my son.

True blessing was unfolded
2016, I learned about the Lovelife Retreat from Bro Bo’s posts and social media accounts. I felt the urge to attend, not because I was broken, but because I felt the need to work on my relationship with the Lord. It was my way of thanking Him for being with me throughout all my struggles and hardships.

Through the LLR, I had my greatest realizations: God allowed me to you go through the difficult path, only for me to recognize the lessons that He has wanted me to learn. God prepared my heart in advance so I could easily forgive my husband for all of his wrongdoings.

Things are now really doing well. My visa has finally been approved, and I will be migrating to Australia by next month,. By next year, I will be able to bring my son with me, and we’ll be starting our renewed life for good. With a positive outlook in life, I can easily draw on God’s strength to face any problems head on, knowing God will never leave my side.

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