Akala Ko

Sinusulat ko ito nang mag-isa sa kwarto, dim lights, at hinihila ako ng mga unan ko na mahiga, at yakapin sila. Kanina pa paulit-ulit ang playlist kong “Buwan,” “Di na Muli,” “Maybe the Night,” at “Leaves.” Ewan ko nga ba kung bakit trending yung mga kantang tungkol sa desperate love, unreciprocated feelings, o di kaya pag ibig na sadyang hindi tinadhana.

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Seeking The Light In My Darkness

It was my daughter’s first-year birthday when my husband died from a respiratory failure. I became depressed as a result and started asking the Lord why this had to happen. I only dreamt of a happy life with my family but now that my husband left us, to whom do I turn? My heart became full of anger and bitterness.

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Trusting in God's Plans

The unhealthy cycle
I was an OFW and worked in Saudi last 2012. During my stay there, I found myself involved in a toxic and unhealthy relationship which lasted for 4 years. I was yearning for love and affection, and the guy I was with was able to give me the love I was looking for, or so I thought.

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God Allows

They fought hard to get married.
It was after the birth of little Sophia when Bianca became an estranged wife. It was during this challenging part of her life that she met Rico. He was actively serving in another charismatic community. As they serve God together, they eventually fell in love, and like any couple, they enjoyed their partnership. However, Bianca’s situation made their marriage a mere dream they might never obtain as a blessing. This went on until they asked God in prayer what their heart longs for. As they prayed for their dream, they acted.

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Trusting His Promise

Taking Leaps of Faith
I started attending The Feast in early 2014. My girlfriend invited me as she wanted a breather from our usual dates. We would usually attend the 8AM session but since we always arrived late, we decided to join the 9AM Sync instead. Sync provided a “homey” ambiance since it was not as crowded as the 8AM session. We became regular attendees and later on joined the Sync family.

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Hearing God's Word Differently

How the Feast changed her life
RB is a solo parent raising her two children. She supports her family financially as a way of giving back to them for all the special care they provided her when she was growing up.

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Your Breaking is Your Blessing

Struggles in a foreign land
In 2008, I moved to Australia with my then-boyfriend to work and to eventually get married without my parents’ consent. Even back then, my relationship with him wasn’t exactly smooth sailing as I expected it to be. But because I loved him and thought that he will change after our marriage, I continued on. In 2010, my parents found out that I was pregnant, and that was the only time when they knew about our marriage.

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Breaking Free

Peace that was Shaken
September 13, 2009. My Kuya Arnold called my mom saying, “Ma, hindi ako makahinga.” That time, he was living in Pasig because it was near his work, while my mom and I resided in Manila. He worked night shift for a BPO company and had a busy lifestyle. Whenever we’re together, we normally noticed him coughing hard, but he wouldn’t mind. Until that day. We rushed him to Medical City; he kept on complaining that he could not breathe and that he was exhausted. He was confined for two weeks. My dad, who’s working overseas, had to rush back home to be with us. In September 27, my brother died. He died of AIDS.

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Finding Peace in Him

The Struggle
Cams is a single mother who grew up without a father. She gave birth to her son Biboy, got stuck in a ten-year relationship cycle with Biboy’s dad, trying to work things out to no avail. Cams ended up being clinically depressed; even her own family did not know how to help her. She hid inside her shell and away from people, fearing that she’ll be judged.

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Our beautiful pain, our greatest blessing

My wife, Brenda and I along with our daughter, Julia, then 2 year-old, first attended The Feast in Valle Verde on the first Sunday of January 2008. From that day, we felt home. We never missed a Sunday Feast since then up to today that we are now four attending

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My One True Calling

Ever since my elementary years, I have always been interested in learning sign language. Because of this, in 2014, I decided to take up Filipino Sign Language course in De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde.

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Little By Little

I first attended the FBA Sync because my girlfriend, Karisa, served there. That time, I felt like it was an extension of Feast Manila where I used to attend and serve because the Builder there was Kuya Migs, better known as Bro. Migs Ramirez.

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