How different is The Feast Mall of Asia from other Feast sessions?

We belong to the Light Of Jesus Family founded by Bro Bo Sanchez.

Our gatherings are called The Feast, and we have different Feast gatherings around the world. Feasts locations are categorized per district, and we belong to The Feast Bay Area District.

Our focus in The Feast Mall of Asia is all about connection.
We connect with God, and we connect to one another.
We believe that church is not just a building or a weekly routine; we believe that the Church is alive and it’s all about relationships. As we are commanded by Jesus to make disciples, we believe that Discipleship is Relationship. It’s not just about the ritual, or music, or preaching, The Feast is all about God and His people.

Is this event for free?

Yes, The Feast gatherings are for free.
Everyone is welcome to the presence of God and to our community.
But we know that to build a community and to hold gatherings like this would need funds to get it going. So we encourage generosity. We give out of our thanksgiving to God for His goodness to us. We give tithes and love offerings as part of our lifestyle. Giving to God has blessed us so much and we invite you to give too. We believe that the ability to give is already the reward itself.

I need spiritual guidance,
who can I approach?

You are welcome to our home. Find a friend in the Feast every Sunday. We have Ushers and Connectors, people who are ready to meet you in our gathering to help you in any way. We have a special area too where we could offer a prayer with you and we’d be your prayer partners. Most of all, be ushered in the presence of God every Sunday through the Sacrament of the Eucharist, the Word of God through the preaching and responding to Him in communal and personal Worship time. We pray that the Good Shepherd who is our guide would lead you.

I would like to be more involved, what could I do?

We invite you to connect with us more! Here are some ways

  • Every Sunday is our big gathering. It will be so much more meaningful if you are there. Please do invite your family and friends too. We invite you to be part of our family and let’s build this home together.
  • Be part of the Feast kitchen and serve with us through our different ministries. If you’d like to serve with us, feel free to approach any servant or send us a message here.
  • We’ll be rolling out different programs too that you could participate and serve in.
    Connect with us and stay updated!
Got more questions? Feel free to contact us through info@thefeastmallofasia.com